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The Niagara USA Chamber has selected my images for their 2018 Membership Guide! This is an advertisement I have with special pricing for all who ask for it! I'll know who looks at this blog when you ask!


James Neiss Photography © 2015 James Neiss 2017-11-21T23:53:48Z 2017-11-21T23:53:48Z Niagara Falls Public Library Photo Exhibition

Copyright James Neiss If you are in Niagara Falls, NY, please check out my photo exhibition "In The Neighborhood" featuring Americana style photos and more, captured over my 36 years as a photographer. Through the end of March at the Niagara Falls Public Library on Main Street. 

James Neiss Photography © 2015 James Neiss 2015-02-28T12:42:49Z 2015-02-28T12:42:49Z James Neiss Photographer: Artist Statement

-= Artist Statement =-


I can best be described professionally and as an artist as a “community photographer.”


I find visual beauty, humor and sometimes, special personal connections as I roam the neighborhoods of Niagara County looking for pictures. I revel in capturing the moment and get excited about the possibilities when I pause to wonder at beautiful light. I live my passion for this visual art, exploring news, Americana, landscape, abstract, composite photography and more.


I was born in Buffalo, N.Y. on a cold January day in 1960. In 1979 I became a student of photography as a senior in High School and continue to be so to this day.


-- James Neiss


James Neiss Photography © 2015 James Neiss 2015-02-27T19:06:31Z 2015-02-27T19:06:31Z SLIDESHOW: The Hat Lady of Main Street

080421 Cave Winds 2 - Sunday Snapshots080421 Cave Winds 2 - Sunday SnapshotsJames Neiss/staff photographer
Niagara Falls, NY - The Cave of the Winds tour, at the base of the American Falls, let’s tourists experience the mighty roar, soaking spray and spectacular view.



2010 Associated Press Contest

"The Hat Lady of Main Street"”


Click: The Hat Lady of Niagara Falls


James Neiss Photography © 2015 James Neiss 2010-04-18T12:56:00Z 2010-04-18T12:56:00Z MULTIMEDIA PRESENTATION: The Prophet Isaiah Robertson

2007 Associated Press Contest
“The Prophet Isaiah Robertson”

CLICK: The Prophet Isaiah Robertson


James Neiss Photography © 2015 James Neiss 2007-03-01T14:18:00Z 2007-03-01T14:18:00Z